New country. New life. New anchor

Have you ever felt this way: alone, trying to keep your balance on bollard until you find where is best to drop your anchor?

That is how most of us feel before, during or just after an international move.

Our anchors may represent different things that are important to us like a job, a house or a daily routine, and these anchors will change as we make our transition into a new life.

As the process of a move begins and a new life in a new country unfolds, it is important to find new anchors, new experiences to make a life in this new country a successful one.

That is my aim for you – to help you take full advantage of your life in this new surrounding, as challenging as it may seem, by exploring your options and sharing your struggles, your fears and apprehensions.

Let’s look together at the opportunities and find the best way for you and yours to adjust to this new country and enable you to live an incredible experience abroad.

Our Work together

My role is to represent your needs – you the expat – and to ensure that those needs are met.

Wise companies understand this need and are pleased to work together, often seeking my services to ensure a successful transition.




Corporate counseling

Company: Identify how the company might offer assistance in areas where they may not have recognized previously. Implement new relocation opportunities that strengthen the bond between employer and employee

If you are a Human Resources manager or in charge of sending families abroad, you know all too well how complicated these relocations can be and the extra costs incurred to repair poorly managed expat families.

Unhappy families affect the performance of the employee and have huge consequences on a company’s image in that country which ultimately impacts financial results.

Please feel free to contact me. Let me help you create happy expatriate families, happy with the support they received from their company, excited to work for their employer and prepared to take on even more international challenges.


Expat counseling

During our work together, we will identify the needs of everyone in the family and provide practical tools to support each person during the transition.

Children: Explore practical choices to support the children, depending on their age, developmental stage and activity levels.

Parents:  Assist and support the couple, and especially the at-home spouse and provide practical tools to regain lost confidence and assess opportunities in their new surroundings





Highly functioning expat families are ‘win-win’ for the employee and employer

The preparation before any international move is key for success.

The company sending a family abroad makes a huge investment in that employee and has an equally large responsibility for a successful outcome.   By properly preparing the family and offering continuous support after the move, the company helps that family adjust to a new country, culture shock, tough realities, high expectations, surprises and also new and wonderful opportunities.

Working as a team with the family and the company, listening to the expat family’s needs and offering special support will build a strong relationship of trust, where everyone is finding the best way to work in partnership for many years into the future and in many more countries.




For whom do you provide this service?

I provide this service for both companies and the families that they relocate.

Sometimes the company will employ my services and other times the family will have a desire to contract my services directly.




What kind of clients have contracted your services?

I have worked successfully with families moving around the globe and at times to hardship locations where security, health or living conditions were at risk.

This includes organizing the transition of trailing spouses without their children, families having children, some with special needs or helping expatriates to re-enter the country they left many years earlier.

What is a typical timeframe for your work?

I consider a transition being a one year experience, starting approximately 3 months before the move and ending 6 to 9 months after the move.

During that transition it is important to give the expat family the most effective and structured support through a minimum of monthly consultations. This is always evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

How can we work together?

If you are a company sending an employee and his/her family abroad, or if you are an employee facing an international move, we can explore the best ways to prepare for this move.

The expat experience is richest, most rewarding and most beneficial to all involved when everything is well-planned.

Let's make this the best life adventure ever

Please feel free to send me a message and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.