The expat adventure is greatest when everything is secure.

Born to be an Expat.

We left Belgium, our home country, 20 years ago not knowing what was ahead of us.

Challenging locations, rough times, and long and stressful hours along with some beautiful memories and blessed moments – all of these shaped the family we are now and the person I am today.

Based on our experience, I am happy to share how we – as a family- addressed the challenges of these transitions. Being an expat spouse myself, there are numerous insights I share with every expat spouse to make sure he/she is prepared to keep the family centered.

I have created and produced hands-on tools and games to help children express emotions related to their transition.

Overall, I have clarity about the types of situations that arise, a pragmatic approach to solve problems and the courage to assist you in remaining centered.

As this ‘life on the move’ is going to be your life for the next years, make the best of it!

It would be a pity not to live it fully and create a great experience for all involved.  I personally think these are precious family moments, as they are truly unique opportunities to redefine what is important to you and yours, to aim for new challenges and to be who you really want to be.

I am encouraging you to take the first step and think about who you would like to be and what is keeping you from being that person.The next step is yours … I am waiting for your mail!

patricia looks ahead