Helping families transition into a new environments is something I enjoy and have experienced many times.

From Moscow, via Mainz to Berlin

Patricia helped me a lot in building my future and setting new clear horizons! 3 years ago I started to think that to make our family happier and business to prosper, giving me also opportunities to addressing social and environmental impact issues and reaching out to more people, we need to move to a big city – Berlin.

I did not have any practical tools and access to best practices to make this happen and the resistance I received was not making it easier. However, I had a secret weapon at my side – I had Patricia to support me in my each and every idea!

Step by step Patricia explained to me how to proceed, how to find and select best school for our 3 kids, the criteria to consider, how to make the process of moving easy to them, what I have to focus on in the first month to better adapt, even how to deal with the relatives etc. She also supplied me with additional material and information, e.g. moving calendar for kids, very hands-on and fun to use, she provided many day-to-day insights before the move and continued her support even months after it.

It felt like she is always there, a skype call away. Patricia was particularly important in my life at that time, she is now my friend, supporter, active listener, coach full of ideas, plans and inspiration. This sensitive and beautiful women is full of energy to inspire, find solutions, set higher goals, reach them and help you to believe in yourself and help you to live your life with full potential!

– Alexandra Kornilova moving for Wermuth Asset Management.

From New York to Trieste

I was lucky enough to meet Patricia just before my move to Trieste from New York. She reassured me that she would be there to help me and my family ease into Triestine life seamlessly and she kept her word!

In fact, through Patricia I have found not just a relocation specialist but a lifelong friend and through her also made the acquaintance of many other ex-pat as well as Italian families similar to my own.

She helped us find the right schools, social circles, clubs to frequent that would make us feel at home in our new environment almost immediately.

She was quick to point out the key differences with our new environment and culture so we could ease into it without too many surprises or missteps.

Patricia is very well traveled, speaks many languages and is truly a “world citizen” comfortable in any circumstance, knowledgeable and sensitive to your needs. She is always available and accommodating and has a sparkling personality that brings a smile whenever you are with her.

Being a mother of two boys, she is great with kids and has helped many adjust to their new life and surroundings. She has a vast set of resources, is constantly updating and enriching her knowledge base and her contact list is endless; from travel agents to physicians and from the best caterer to the best summer camps…she is plugged into everything.

I couldn’t have made this transition without her and I am grateful to her for her help and support through every step of the process.